Your Success is Behind You!

Your Success is Behind You!

Success is a series of continuous actions toward an intended result.
The result is the desire that we want to see come to pass.
Success is evidence of intentional activity to create or develop a desired result.

Success is not achieved.  Success is eventual. It is seen and realized over time. It is not a destination.

Success is in the mind of the believer. Success is a state of mind.

Did you make progress in your plans today?
Did you accomplish the intended commitment for the day?
Did you do what you were supposed to do today?

Success must be done daily.
It requires the discipline to put in the work and do it again tomorrow.

Success is not easy for you to see because its evidence is behind you.
When you look back over your life, your success will show in how you help and #serve.

For this reason, you must believe that what you do matters even when you don’t see it now. Success requires faith.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight!” - Paul, The Apostle