My Success - My Responsibility

My Success - My Responsibility

When the coach says, “drop and give me twenty”, He or she is not doing that for their benefit, but for mine. After all, I’m the one that said that I wanted to be healthy, fit, and trim. I spent the money to hire the coach. They’ve helped others get the results they desired. I’m sure they could help me. Here’s the thing. Am I doing what I should be doing to get the results I want?

No one can do my squats or pushups for me. No one can run my race. No one can succeed for me.

I alone am responsible whether I achieve my goal or not. I need to take a good look at my daily activities. Am I doing what I know needs doing? Am I going all-in on what I said I wanted? If I’m not seeing the results I desire, I’m not.

I am responsible for following my success routine. I am responsible for mastering my craft. I am responsible! I must take responsibility for it all.

Although I failed to follow through as I should, I must not beat myself about it. If I need to learn something new, I go after it. I now make another choice. I choose to do what needs doing today. I decide to do better today.

Are you not seeing the success you imagined? Take responsibility and do better today. And then again tomorrow.