This is my Story

I have always had a thing for business and entrepreneurship. As a child I can remember having a grocery store complete with empty food cans and cereal boxes to stock the shelves. I’d play games like monopoly, Life or Masterpiece (where you buy and sell art). But the distractions of my young life caused me to lose focus.

The turning point in my life's journey came when it was time for my oldest son to go to college. And I had nothing to contribute towards his tuition, books, transportation, dorm or anything. I didn't like the feelings of shame helplessness. I decided that welfare was not my way out.

I remember the day I heard a voice that said, “You’ve out grown where you are now and it’s time to go”. Well-meaning folk told me that my children and I would be out in the street if I left. I left against the advice of the many voices telling me not to go. So glad I did.

I began what is now a 30+ year journey of entrepreneurship because of the teachings that I heard at the church where I am now connected. One aspect of their vision is to develop entrepreneurs and ministry leaders. There is even a school called the Genesis School of Business and Entrepreneurship, of which I am a part.

I am passionate about all things business and entrepreneurship. My first business was a janitorial service for a local gym. I started the business just to get money to get gas to go back and forth to that church. Some people thought I was crazy.

During this time there was a local radio station that played motivational messages 24/7. I would call them the Evan Carmichael of the day. We heard Zig Ziglar, Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Les Brown, Brian Tracy and so many more. This fed my entrepreneurial drive even more.

I am here for those who may feel discarded and ashamed because of their choices in life. It is my desire to help them emerge as successful leaders and entrepreneurs. To help them discover, refine and serve their genius to the world.

I began my real estate journey in 2004. In 2012 after working with two brokerages, I took a jump and started my own company, F. Gregory Estates. In 2017 I launched iLife Realty to reach the more tech savvy buyers.

There were many speed bumps and detours along the way. The most notable was the 2008 market decline. Many people in real estate quit and went back to work, if they could find it. I stuck it out. It wasn't easy but we prevailed.

When I began the only thing I learned was how to conduct business in the state of California. There was no training on how to build a business in real estate. So I trained myself. I connected with many "coaches". Some of which charged upwards of $1000 per month even though start up agents had little to no money to pay at the time. It occurred to me that there had to be a better way. A way to help the startup agent to get going without going bankrupt.

After a few years I got the idea for Simple Real Estate Coaching. The commitment is offer new and seasoned agents coaching that would help them get up and running and become profitable in the process.

This coaching program is designed to get you the information you need to become a top agent or to start your own company. Interested in learning how we can help? Let's talk. Book a free chat today.

My next adventure led to the creation of with my very good friend and business partner, Terrilena Austin.  

We are on a mission to help at least 1000 women take the hassle out of their hustle so they can build a profitable business that's fun to run.  Interested?  Click the button below to join the BizChicks community.  Its Free.